Retro-Mod Kitchen – The Completed Project!

You may have followed our progress with the Retro-Mod kitchen as it was happening…and you may have noticed that I fell off the coverage a bit near the end. Blogging is hard to fit into the scheme of running a business sometimes.

Here is a look back at the ‘before’ photos and a quick sketch we made for clarity.

Pantry. The kitchen is to the left and the dining room is to the right.

Cooking without the luxury of a nearby counter top.

Old but slightly charming cabinets, old and not at all charming counter top. Does it bother anyone else that the sink is not centered on the window?

photo (1)

Sketch of the original plan. Notice the horrifyingly tiny closet in the master bedroom. That is the only closet in there.

Now, check out the plan for the new kitchen:

We demolished the pantry and opened up the kitchen to the dining room. We changed the layout of the kitchen to create a wide galley kitchen. The original access to the kitchen via the hall was closed off to create a washer/dryer closet and a much larger master bedroom closet. Now the homeowner will not have to carry laundry from this second story unit to the basement.


Some of the finished photos — more of photos from this project can be found here:

Photo by Kate Babetski

Bank of cabinets on interior wall

Photo by Kate Babetski

Bank of cabinets on exterior wall.

Photo by Kate Babetski

View toward dining room

Photo by Kate Babetski

View of sink which is now centered on the windows.

Photo by Kate Babetski

This is a photo of our bar nook. It fits in a small space just beyond the bank of cabinets on the interior wall. We decided to treat this space as a little secret. We finished it with a different cabinet and decided to wallpaper the back wall. It also has it’s own dedicated recessed light fixture

Photo by Kate Babetski

Here is a view of new tray ceiling. We installed cove lighting so that the edges can glow at night. That is laminate flooring lining the inside.

Photo by Kate Babetski

Above is a detail photo of the range. This appliance informed a lot of the decisions that were made about this kitchen. It is, without a doubt, the center piece of the space.

Photo by Kate Babetski

This is a very special photo of the backsplash that we chose for behind the stove. This is a 4’x4′ recycled glass tile. When it arrived on the palette it weighed 190 lbs! It looks so amazing when the light splashes on it like that.

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