Retro-Mod Kitchen Renovation — Catch up!

Hello Friends! We fell off of the blogosphere for a bit but now we are back to show you all the wonderful progress in Watertown!

Week 6: Cabinet boxes!

We finally start to see the layout come together during week 6!

image_2 image_3

Week 7:Counter top sampling, cabinet doors and LIGHTS!

We traveled to the counter top fabrication workshop to check out a large piece of the counter top that we chose.


The lights came on in week 7 and cabinet doors were installed! So many lighting level options. We have two semi flush mount fixtures in the laminate ceiling that provide, general ambient light. Recessed light and the pendant over the sink provide task light. Accent lighting comes from the rope lights that are installed in the tray (those are not on in these pictures)

image_1 image_2

Week 8: Countertops!

Counter tops went in during week 8!

image image_1 image_2

Below is an example of the gaining in the counter tops. These are quartz counter tops by Cambria. The color is Tourquay.


Here, you can see that we peeled back a bit of the film on the cabinets to reveal the true shade!


Week 10: Hardware!

Our hardware is chrome and it has a bit of a retro look to it. We chose chrome because there is so much chrome on the range that will be going in and we wanted to carry it throughout the whole space. Our light fixtures and other appliances are in brushed nickle or stainless steel respectively. I will provide a close up photo of the hardware in a later post. The wall cabinets are in high-gloss white rather than high-gloss gray like all the other cabinets. We discussed that the white would look better than the gray when the doors are installed.

image image_1 image_2

OK!! this is all you get to see until my photographer comes in to photograph the completed space. Though this project is very near completion, I suspect you won’t see those beautiful, professional photos until near the beginning of the year — great photos take time, my friends!

If you stay tuned to our facebook page, maybe I will sneak you some peeks between now and then 😉 find us at

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