Retro-Mod Kitchen Renovation – Week 4 & 5

It has been a busy two weeks in Watertown! Lets get down to the pictures because I know that is the most interesting part of the post!

Week 4 Progress



WE HAVE WALLS! Wallboard and plaster have been installed. These two pictures are essentially the same only in one you see more of the windows and in the other you see more of the transition from kitchen to dining room.


The bar nook is taking shape! (above and below)


Week 5 Progress


Work began on the doors. There is a stairway on the other side of the back wall of the kitchen so we installed a new door to the stairway and a second door straight through to the exterior. Both doors look like the one above.


Work also began on installing the finish material onto the ceiling! We are installing laminate flooring up there.


Here is a photo of our tiler and door installer hard at work. Neither job could have been easy. This is an old house and that can make door installation a pain. Also it is never easy working over your head like our tiler had to do while installing the laminate!



Check out the laminate all finished!

image_2 image_3

These photos are dark but I mean to show you that window casings and trim were installed!


Here is one comprehensive photo. A shot that shows the ceiling and the new casings in place. The casings here are only primed — not yet painted.


Here is the first view of both doors installed!

The Design

Just as before, here are the design renderings of the space so that it is easy to follow along:

sink walls estimation range walls estimation bar

In our next post, keep an eye out for finished paint on walls, ceiling and trim and for CABINETS!

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