Retro-Mod Kitchen Renovation – Week 3

The Progress

Just a quick post this week. We got the electrical work all set and ready to go! We also got the floor ready for finish!

photo 2

We got the subfloor ready for tile – this here is 1/2 cement board with a blob of leveling compound to address a low spot in the floor.

photo 1

We had to have a conversation about transition from tile to the original oak hardwood in the dining room. There would be only a 1/8 inch difference in height but we decided that taking out this first, now jagged, row of wood and replacing with a new row of wood would allow for it to be shimmed from below to angle up to the height of the tile.

photo 4photo 5

Next comes the tile! These are tiles by Crossville in a color called ‘I See The Moon’. They measure 12″x18″ and they will eventually have 1/8″ grout lines.

The Design

I have decided that it will be helpful to keep posting the design renderings with each progress post:

sink walls estimation range walls estimation


Check back to see what is in store for Week 4!

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