Retro-Mod Kitchen Renovation – Week 2

The Progress

The on-site work that happened this week has been important but the visuals don’t pack as much punch as last week. This week electrical wiring for switches, outlets and lights was added. Also, much to our delight, our existing gas line was rerouted under the floor.


Here, in the dropped ceiling framing, you can kind of see the locations of the recessed lights and sink pendant light.


This is a picture of the gas line situation. Previously it was sticking strait up along where there will someday be some beautiful master bedroom closet doors. Luckily it now sticks up from behind where the stove will be.

The Design

Time to elaborate on the design of the kitchen!


Starting with the plan; sink, dishwasher, refrigerator flank the exterior wall. Range, mini fridge and a recessed bar nook make up the interior wall. There is a shallow cabinet in the corner there to allow door clearance. Here you can see the master closet and washer closet layout.


Elevations help. The sink is centered on the double window. Dishwasher is nestled between sink and fridge.


On the opposite wall you see the recessed bar on the left. The bank of cabinets then starts with a mini fridge and ends with tall pantry cabinets. For wall cabinets we have three 15″x30″ awning style cabinets. Up above you can see two light fixtures on either side of a ceiling fan. I know you see the range there in the middle.

materials board

This is a haphazard idea of how the materials work together. The recessed ceiling where the ceiling fan and lights live, will be clad in laminate flooring. Our backsplash is simple white subway tile with a satin finish. The countertop is by Cambria and it is called Torquay. The orange piece is recycled glass tile that will run behind the stove. It is made by Trend. You see two different cabinets there because the recessed bar will look like the cabinet on the left and the rest of the cabinets will resemble the cabinet on the right. That’s high gloss gray; a bold move! On the floor we have Crossville tile in ‘I See The Moon’. All three types of tile and the countertop were purchased from Terrene of New England in Newton, MA.

range walls estimation

A 3D rendering of the exterior wall. The walls will not be blue in the actual kitchen. They are rendered this way for contrast.

sink walls estimation

A 3D rendering of the interior wall. The walls will not be blue in the actual kitchen. They are rendered this way for contrast.



A 3D rendering of the bar nook with the contrasting cabinet.

The Road Trip

Saturday we made a road trip to pick up the pièce de résistance; the range!

The homeowner bought the stove from Don Mattera of Mattera Stove Works. He expertly restores and updates Chambers model stoves in Wakefield, RI. We are using the model C-90 in this kitchen and its a beautiful power blue porcelain.

Enjoy the following photos of point A to point B!


Point A: I scored access to this capped pickup truck for transport, thanks to my loving father who also came along for the ride. He is a wiz at tie-downs. Don confirmed with me ahead of time that there was no issue transporting the appliance on its back. He was sure to dislodge the high backsplash for safer travel.


Point B: After we left Don’s workshop, we traveled to a Sears in Burlington to pick up a dishwasher. After we got back to the homeowner’s house, we patiently waited for professional movers to arrive so that they could handle the dishwasher, a 190 pound 48″x48″ glass tile on a palate (which had been sitting on the front porch) and the 450 pound stove. In the picture you can see the homeowner admiring the built in storage area of the stove.


I took pictures from above so that I could stay out of the way and direct placement when they got up to the second floor unit. The moving company was Charles River Movers of Waltham, MA. They did an excellent job wrapping!


They also did an excellent job lifting and moving!


Here is the HAPPY HOMEOWNER posing with her new appliance. Her name is Tina.

We both agree that even though the kitchen has been gutted, having the stove in the house finally makes all this feel really real!


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