Navigating The Daily Deals Retail Landscape

Have you noticed the recent influx of daily deals websites?

Most of us have heard of them. Some of us have even become committed to logging into the websites of our favorite deal providers every day to see what ‘exclusive’ bargains are waiting for us (myself included).

I am not talking about daily deals for yoga classes, haircuts and restaurants. I am talking about designer home goods and clothing at deep discount (sometimes). I have been navigating this territory for almost two years now. My friends have always revered me as one who finds awesome bargains for the home and wardrobe on and off the web. I am one of those ‘never-pay-retail’ people.

If you are finding yourself slowly but surely making account after account with the myriad of goods websites that have popped up lately, you may want to know a thing or two about what to add to your cart , what to generally pass on and what to expect from the website you are buying from.
1- Know the policies – This is the first rule of bargain shopping online and offline! Most of these websites are final sale as they are trying to unload surplus goods.

2- Buy clothing from websites that specialize in clothing – Websites that specialize in daily deals for clothing generally DO have a return policy for clothing and accessories. As I stated above, read those policies because there will still be some items from these sites that will not be returnable

3- Lost value for Vintage – One off vintage and antique items and clothing are simply not worth buying from daily deals websites. They are often way too over priced –take this from a girl that has worked directly with antique sales for close to 10 years. Stick to your mom and pop stores for these vintage and antique items, the experience alone is that much more worth it.

4- Say no to the gravy boat! – Steer clear of dinner ware, porcelain or anything that has been fired and glazed. These are often sold on daily deals sites as sets assembled from near perfect pieces that didn’t quite pass quality control standards at production. These items are often riddled with imperfections such as small chips,  drips flecks or naked spots in the glaze, blotches in color, and hairline fractures that weaken and can ultimately kill the piece. No one likes ending up with an incomplete set of dishes…

5- Don’t expect speedy delivery – For some, sure you can be pleasantly surprised when your new item shows up at your door in prompt timing but as a general rule do not buy items from these sites if you are in a time crunch. Adversely, some sites do have special sections during the holiday season (NOW!) that you can shop from with a selection of items that are guaranteed to ship in time to be gifted on Christmas morning!

I sure hope you find this bit of information helpful.  If you are a daily dealer like me, what bargains have you scored lately!? (comment below)

2 thoughts on “Navigating The Daily Deals Retail Landscape

    1. I get emails from: Fab, Joss&Main, One Kings Lane, The Foundary, Hautelook(specializes in clothing) There are many more popular providers out there but this is enough to flood my inbox…


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