Know Your Styles – The Big Three

The Big Three— Traditional, Contemporary and Transitional. Despite a myriad of sub genres, we all have taste that leans more toward one than the others. Check out images below to learn about the big three and decide for yourself where you stand.

Traditional: The timeless style.

This style is definitely a mainstay. Attention to decorative detail is obvious with this style. Pieces and layouts are very predictable and consistent. Expect no surprises with this casual style.


Contemporary: not modern

Contemporary style is often incorrectly referred to as modern. Contemporary basically just means ‘of today’ whereas modern is a well defined design genre that was most popular in the 1960’s


Transitional: The mash up

Think of this style as the child to the previous two. It usually features the clean lines of contemporary style but embraces the details of traditional style.

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