Evolving 3-D in the Design Studio

From the use of straight edge and triangle to draft single and multiple point perspectives by hand to the use of ever-changing modeling software to render perspectives at the click of a mouse. Three Dimensional visualization has always been an important communication tool for the architect and interior designer. Now the 3D scene seems to be evolving yet again with the installation of the iLab.

This fall semester, graduate students in the architecture and interiors department at the University of Missouri finally gained access to an Immersive Visualization Lab (iLab) which was two years in the making. With the aid of special 3D imaging glasses, the iLab projects a single image across three large glass panels. iLab may prove to be an invaluable research and presentation tool as it allows students to take a virtual walk through of the spaces they create at a 1:1 scale, allowing them to bridge the gap between scaled drawings and models to a life-sized “built” environment. The iLab also lets students play with texture and aesthetic in real time. The system cost $85,000 which the university was able to pay for by grant.

I am not too far out of college and I wish my undergrad had something as cool as this. I wonder if this system will catch on with other universities and institutes and become a standard for visual presentation, modeling and research in the future!

You can click through to this page to see photos of the iLab at University of Missouri

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